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Luxury villas to rent on Naxos

Situated at the heart of the Cyclades group of islands, Naxos encompasses all the beautiful features which make these islands so popular for holidaymakers … from its beautiful beaches, mountains and green valleys, to its pretty villages with their white and blue ‘sugar cube’ houses, to  its fascinating history, dating back to 4000-1000 BC, witnessed by the remains of castles, temples, statues and old churches.

In the historic Old Town visitors will be able to visit the ancient Venetian Castle and the Archaeological museum, and also the beautiful and character-filled old mansions with their arched doors with a coat of arms above, and floors of Naxian marble. To the front of the Castle, the beautiful port and promenade stretch along the seafront, leading to the temple of Apollo. At the island’s port, is another famous historic landmark, the Portara (door), which has been there since antiquity to honour Apollo, the God of Light. The port is also home to many picturesque local tavernas. Also known for its wine, Naxos is one of the alleged birthplaces of Dionysus, the ancient God of Wine.

As well as the island’s beaches, visitors will also enjoy exploring the charming traditional villages on the coastline, and in the mountains. For walkers, there is a rich network of footpaths, offering direct access to the island’s most beautiful natural and cultural landmarks. The island is also known for its fresh food products, including vegetables and fruit, fresh fish, honey, a good selection of local cheeses, citron liqueurs and the fine local Naxos wine.

Sailing is also a popular activity, and experiences on sailing boats and yachts can be arranged, for diving, fishing or just enjoying the views – or visiting one of the other Cycladic islands. 

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