Imagine sitting on a stunning private terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea, on a mild evening during the months of March, April or May – glass of wine in hand, and awaiting a local Cretan feast prepared by local chefs!u0026nbsp;
Villa Palaiokastro is a beautiful new eco-friendly villa just 15 kms from Heraklion, and approximately 10 minutes’ drive from the beaches of Palaiokastro, Lygaria and Agia Pelagia. Sleeping up to six people, the accommodation is on two floors, with the bedrooms upstairs, and a spacious open-plan living room and kitchen on the ground floor.u0026nbsp;
Surrounding the villa is a beautiful garden, with a lawn, flowers and herbs. Overlooking the sea is an infinity swimming pool, heated on request, and featuring hydro massage). The feeling of seclusion, pampering and luxury is also enhanced by a private hammam which seats up to six people. The outdoor area also features an open-air kitchen, a large BBQ area, with a dining area, where the complimentary Gastronomic Experience will take place.
Guests booking and staying at Villa Palaiokastro before the end of May 2020 (for a minimum stay of one week) will be able to enjoy a private dinner at the villa, for up to six people. The owner here is offering guests the opportunity to experience traditional Cretan food, while learning about the dishes, and the many unique flavours that the island has to offer. Over a period of approximately 4.5 hours, the chefs will both discuss the tradition of Cretan culture, diet and cuisine, and serve up a full menu, including Cretan wine and Tsikoydia (a type of brandy).
The exact menu will depend on availability, but will include at least some of the following popular dishes:The famous Boureki (a delicious pie with layers of zucchini and potatoes with Cretan soft, creamy goat’s cheese and spearmint), a speciality from ChaniaA traditional Cretan Salad (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Boiled Potatoes, Rusks, Olives and Feta Cheese.
Purslane with Greek yogurt, a very popular summer salad on Crete, and also regarded as an important medicinal herb.u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;u0026nbsp;Apaki, a dish of succulent smoked Pork Loin with honey and sesame. This dish is made from strips of pork, marinated in vinegar and then cooked with local herbs over a fire. u0026nbsp;
Zucchini flowers stuffed with Cheese. Beef Stifado stew, slow cooked with chickpeas. (photo)
u0026nbsp;For Dessert,u0026nbsp;Gastrin (an ancient sweet dessert dating back to the Minoans, and similar to Baklava), with dry nuts and grape syrup, will be offered as well as seasonal fruits. u0026nbsp;Local wine is included as well as Tsikoydia (or Raki) (including Tsikoydia with Lemon), a Cretan local drink, similar to grappa.u0026nbsp;Contact us for more information and, if you decide to book, please advise of any food allergies in advance, so the menu can be adapted accordingly.u0026nbsp;