Explore our new travel policies and learn about the safety measures we’ve implemented at our holiday homes.
We’ve got your back.Since the outbreak, we have been actively working to ensure the safety and wellbeing to our guests to provide the best possible holiday experiences. In an effort to provide more clarity and peace of mind to our travellers, we have outlined the specifics on our special flexible-booking and cancellation policy as well as the health and safety measures implemented at our properties.
Our Flexible-Booking PolicyAt all of properties, if our guests are not able to travel to the booked property because of the government restrictions or border closures enforced due to COVID-19, there is an opportunity to reschedule the stay to alternative dates in the future at no extra charge.
The Cancellation PolicyFor a large selection of our properties, we are also able to offer refundable payments if our guests are not able to travel due to COVID-19. Please contact us for specific info regarding these properties. If the option to cancel the booking is unavailable at the booked property, you can reschedule your holiday to a later date with the flexible-booking policy.
Health u0026amp; Safety MeasuresAll of our owners and suppliers take health and safety very seriously. All properties have a full de-sanitisation clean between rentals. Also, all check-ins can be contactless, with many done via video call now. In addition to this, all staff working at our properties wear protective clothing, and we can also schedule cleaning services to take place while you are away from the property to minimise contact. 
Please note, as our portfolio of specially curated properties are courtesy of a range of private and independent property owners, as well as boutique hotels and 5* secluded resorts, specific protocols vary on local regulation and general need based on existing standards and policies. Should you require any specifications before booking your stay, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will provide all the necessary details on the safety measures as well as flexible-booking and cancellation policies. 
Until next time, stay safe and positive,The Luxury Travel Book