TLTB founder Susie Marquis is bringing our favourite destinations closer to home—this week speaking to Alexanna of Rome x Love, sharing below what she enjoys most about her day to day life in the Eternal City.

Our friendship with Alexanna developed from working with her, and we were always very impressed by her very personal approach to arranging experiences in Rome for our guests there.

It wasn’t until summer last year that I was able to finally meet her in Rome. I was staying in one of the apartments we rent, close to the famous Campo dei Fiori, and Alexanna had agreed to meet me there and take me on a tour of her favourite places in the city.

It was just my second day in Rome and, as I sat outside a café with my morning coffee, I was very aware of both the very high temperatures, and the number of people (including tour groups) walking past. I was mentally preparing myself for a long and very hot walk – when Alexanna drove up to rescue me in an electric golf buggy with a covered roof.

She says she uses these a lot for tours, and that some can accommodate up to 9 people. It is certainly a great way to tour a large city in terms of both the weather, and seeing as many sights as possible within a short time frame!

Rome Luxury Sightseeing Tour Travel
Rome Luxury Sightseeing Tour Travel

Alexanna has lived in Rome all her life, and worked in tourism for 20 years. With a degree in tourism, and speaking four languages fluently, her knowledge and love of her city is impressive, as are her high levels of service, which are also reflected in the people she works with – from qualified tourist guides and drivers, to professional chefs and personal shoppers.

When I asked her what makes Rome x Love unique and different from other people offering similar service, Alexanna replied: “We create life experiences, and we are committed to personalising every experience based on the needs of each individual person or group – it takes a lot of time and visitors should not make the mistake of believing that, simply finding and booking a tour online, offers the same thing.

Rome x Love is also special in that it offers the possibility of access to places usually closed to the public.” These include a semi-exclusive tour of the Vatican before and after official closing, a horse ride on the ancient Appian Way, and an exclusive opening of the Galleria Doria Pamphili.

Rome Luxury Sightseeing Tour Travel
Rome Luxury Sightseeing Tour Travel

Alexanna is passionate about showing her guests ‘the real Italy’: “The magic of the city can be enjoyed on a simple walk, or a panoramic tour with a private driver and a guide. Can you imagine Rome at sunset? Rome through its alleys on a walk during the cool evenings of May? Rome seen from above of one of its seven hills? Or sitting in a beautiful piazza, taking in the atmosphere of the city?Whoever buys our experiences is buying a life experience, a story to remember, and to tell.”

I also asked her what are the most challenging and rewarding parts of her job, and she said:”The most challenging part of my job is to always give my best to turn visitors’ dreams into reality. Rome x Love is different, in that it is not simply a travel agency, it is like a trusted friend ready to recommend only the best.”While the most rewarding is when my customers send me thank you emails, Christmas greetings or just a postcard from home, and I know I have entered their life forever!”

Alexanna can also offers other tours in Italy, including Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Capri Island, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Lake Como.

Rome Luxury Sightseeing Tour Travel

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