Our Venetian Friend On The Unique Character of Her Homeland

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May 2020

TLTB founder Susie Marquis continues to interview our local colleagues and friendsthis week speaking to Giorgia of Have a Glass in Venice, sharing below what she enjoys most about her day to day life in the City of Water.

Giorgia Chiozzi has been one of my best ‘local experience’ discoveries on my visits to Venice, and she has also become a friend, who I look forward to seeing every time I go.

On being asked about her current feelings regarding Venice, she replied that, having been born in Venice and grown up there, Giorgia feels a particular affinity with this magical city and, although she feels the pain in this current time of uncertainty, she also feels that an extraordinary beauty has been unveiled.

She says that, paradoxically, the calm and transparent canals, and the empty alleys and squares have, on many levels, made Venice seem more beautiful to her than ever.  

With her company, Have a Glass in Venice, coupled with her desire to promote sustainable tourism, Giorgia is able to combine her qualifications (a Master Sommelier Diploma and a Tour Guide License in Venice) with her love of wine and travel, enabling her to guide visitors through the unique history and art treasures of the city, as well as its wine and food traditions.

The tour I did with her a couple of years ago, which involved a walk off the main tourist track and learning a lot about the city’s history along the way, also included visiting several recommended ‘bacari’ (wine bars) to sample wine and ‘cichetti’ (tapas). It was such an enjoyable and memorable experience – and definitely one that we continue to recommend to all our apartment visitors to Venice.

Giorgia can also arrange day tours to the Veneto Wine regions – with tours on offer including a Soave Wine Route, Prosecco Wine Route and a Valpolicella Wine Route, as well as a Collio Wine Route

When I asked Giorgia what she finds most rewarding about her job, she replied:

"I love spending time with my guests, showing them not only my ancient, beautiful city, but also the surrounding countryside, that gives birth to some of the most excellent wines worldwide. Nothing has the power to connect people as much as a lunch, with exquisite ingredients and superior wines. As a tour guide, nothing is more fulfilling than a positive review, especially after hours of hard work in order to prepare and present a tailored itinerary. That makes me really happy as a professional."

She also loves arranging tours to the islands of the Venice Lagoon, either individually or together as a day trip. Giorgia’s tours are all personally planned, depending on guests’ interests and timing. 

And here's her favourite place on the Lagoon...

"I love showing my guests Sant'Erasmo island, reachable only by boat, still wild and uncontaminated...away from the tourist masses."

Sant’Erasmo is a particularly tranquil and atmospheric island lying north of the Lido and around 5 kms north east of Venice, which has been supplying Venetians with fruit and vegetables for centuries. With fertile soil (a mix of sand and clay), vegetable farming is the main activity on the island.

With our love of Venice, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss both our accommodation options, and recommended local experiences, like Giorgia’s, to visitors wanting to return as soon as possible to this unique and magnificent city. 

Stay tuned for more thoughtful TLTB community features and travel with us on Instagram for inspiring post-lockdown destinations.

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