Douro Valley

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Luxury villas to rent in the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley, a World Heritage Site, is one of the oldest of the historic European wine regions, renowned for its beauty, as well as its famous Douro table wines and Port. Popular activities for visitors to the region include boat rides on the Douro River, winery visits and tastings, restaurants offering traditional cuisine, as well as the Douro Museum at the riverside town of Peso da Régua. 

The luxury villas we have to rent in the Douro Valley include an impressive 17th Century Quinta, originally used for wine-making, and with magnificent views over the Douro River. We also offer a beautiful villa near the town of Pinhão, also with wonderful river views. As well as being right by the river, Pinhão is also worth a visit for its railway station, decorated with ancient tiles portraying work in the vineyards and local landscapes. Other villa rentals include a centuries-old winemaking Quinta with spectacular views over the river Douro, and a peaceful former vineyard villa at the heart of the Douro World Heritage Site, above the banks of the Rio Torto, a tributary south of the Douro River.

Further afield, also to the south of the River Douro, and well worth a visit, is the Baroque city of Lamego. Known as one of the most beautiful towns in Northern Portugal, with its wonderful panoramic views over the valleys and vineyards,  Lamego is also home to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Located on the hill of St. Stephen, (a famous pilgrimage church), is is accessed from the centre of the town via a staircase (600 steps), decorated with tiles, statues and urns, leading up to the shrine. 

Local experiences and tours can be arranged at all the luxury villa rentals we feature here, including winery visits/tastings, panoramic Douro river tours by boat, spa services and restaurant bookings.

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