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Luxury villas to rent on Paxos

Situated in the Ionian Sea, 14 kms south of Corfu, Paxos can be accessed easily via a 45 minute hydrofoil ride from Corfu. Like the Ionian islands generally, it is a green island with many trees and endless olive groves. The eastern coastline, where the main villages and ports are located, and home to the majority of our luxury villas to rent on Paxos, is gentler than the west, which is characterized by steep cliffs and caves. The west coast is also renowned for its spectacular sunsets, which can be particularly appreciated from the family-run Erimitis Bar and Restaurant, its hill top location on an old vineyard, which has been owned by the family for generations.

The charm of Paxos lies in its serene and tranquil ambience, as well as its beauty. The beaches are white pebble, with the clearest turquoise blue water imaginable. The capital of the island is Gaios a picturesque village towards the south of the island, built around a port which is protected by two small islands Agios Nikolas and Panagia. Towards the north of the island is the village of Lakka, on another beautiful bay, and on the east side, the charming village of Loggos, with its harbour lined with tavernas and bars. You can dine very well on Paxos, which makes the most of its supplies of excellent fresh local seafood, and colourful salads dressed with the distinctive olive oil made from the island’s delicious lianolia olives, washed down with a bottle of white wine from neighbouring Antipaxos.

If you are looking for total relaxation in beautiful surroundings, combined with genuine friendly Greek hospitality at its best, accommodation at a luxury rental villa on Paxos is very hard to beat!

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